stories that have appeal to so many readers

Chapter 1: The Road to Success 

College and Chemistry
Graduation Dilemma
Business Lessons at the Beach
Teaching and Business
Lessons from the Navy
The McDonald’s Lesson
Who Gets the Worm?
Camp Director


Chapter 2: Sex in the Cleaning Business

Short Skirts and Long Legs
That Service Is Not in Your Specifications
Has Anyone Seen This Butt?
Wet Mop across the Face
Four-Wife Rotation System
Sunday at the Office
The Morning After
Service with a Show
Factory Fashions


Chapter 3: Great People

Janitor with the PhD
The “Ace” in a Walker
The Ugly Duckling
Big Bag of Money!
Surprising Talent
Part-Time People Deserve Benefits
Ask and You Shall Receive
Four Old Fellows
No-Cost Training

Chapter 4: Hard to Believe . . . But True

Workplace Tobacco
All the Crackers You Can Eat
The Thundering Herd
Raising the Dead
Tasty Legal Fees
Speed Bumps in the Road of Progress
What Driver’s License?
A Moment of Silent Prayer
I Wouldn’t Hire You on a Bet
Learning to Read
Simple Things
Lawyer Meltdown


Chapter 5: Government Is Here to Help

An Al Capone Imitation
I Owe How Much?
You Are Not Employees Anymore
Three Philadelphia Lawyers
We Found a New Job for You
The Roads Are Closed
OSHA Wants What?
Common Sense


Chapter 6: Management—Good, Bad, and Ugly

Not Me! 
Where Can I Hide? 
Opportunity Knocks 
Gestapo Mentality 
Cutting Rags for Workers’ Compensation 
Never Believe a Salesperson
Machiavelli Would Be Proud 
A Learning Experience for Kids 
Quality versus Luxury 
Sometimes It Is Good to Be Naive 
The Truth 
Creative Thinking