About the Author

Chuck is a chemistry graduate of the University of Maryland who spent the Vietnam Era as a naval engineering officer. After a three-year tour of duty, he worked for a major corporation and started a new division to provide cleaning and maintenance services to hospitals and colleges. He quickly developed an analytical process for establishing manpower requirements and trained a staff to accomplish the task on a national level. Leaving this Industrial engineering department in good hands, he took over as a regional operations director for all operations west of Ohio, until he was recruited as vice president of a smaller Midwest firm with expansion ambitions.

Chuck left the security of a great job with great pay and moved to a new part of the country to start his own business. With an understanding wife and new baby, his jouney began, and more than a few years later, the company employed five hundred people in three states. Along the way Chuck was a principal author of the past two state unemployment laws, a Scoutmaster, and an economics instructor, and he served or is still serving as a director or president of far too many associations and businesses to begin to list. He currently is an associate of a merger and acquisition company and owner/operator of office buildings and industrial plant real estate.